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Spring registration for ICSJ School is now open!

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Spring after-school registration for Coonley School is now open!

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Drone Academy™

After-School Program

Save the minifig!

In Drone Academy, children design, build, customize and test LEGO-compatible mini drones!

Teams tackle special drone missions and challenges!

Join us for Drone Academy!

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It is our mission to bring valuable science, technology, engineering and math programs and services to elementary education, while providing training and curriculum support for educators to meet the needs of today's students.


In addition to parents of elementary and high school students in our after-school programs and summer camps, our customers include educational organizations and school districts. While our products and services are available across North America, our primary focus is in the city of Chicago, Illinois.

We encourage interested parents, educational organizations, and school districts to contact us for more information about our programs and services.

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