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Drone Academy™

After-School Program

Save the minifig!

In Drone Academy, children design, build, customize and test LEGO-compatible mini drones!

Teams tackle special drone missions and challenges!

Join us for Drone Academy!

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Most Popular 21st Century Kids Programs


Please take a few minutes to review our program and course offerings. We update them regularly. If at any point you feel we might be of service, please click here to contact us. Thank you for your interest.


LEGO Master Builder Academy (Grades K - 6)

Master Builder Academy™ teaches kids how to improve their LEGO® building skills using a sequence of engaging challenge levels from LEGO Master Builders, using specially designed LEGO building sets. LEGO Master Builders design all of the LEGO sets sold around the world, as well as design and build the one-of-a-kind models on display at LEGOLAND parks, LEGO stores, and LEGO events worldwide.

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Drone Academy (Grades K - 6)

In Drone Academy, children learn to build, modify, and fly mini drones made with LEGO® bricks. They design and build landing pads and mission modules. They create maps and presentations to prepare for and reflect on their missions and challenges. They learn principles of aeronautics, weight and balance, and flight safety, while earning badges and awards!

Drone Academy brings after-school and STEM education to a whole new level! Never before has so much learning been packed into so much fun! Come join us for Drone Academy!

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Video Game Builders (Grades K - 6)

Video Game Builders combines the physical world with the virtual world to empower children to create their own video games! Using physical building blocks arranged on a special game board, children work collaboratively to create worlds and characters. Children then transfer images of their creations into special video game creation software, where the images are converted into virtual worlds and characters! The result is a customized video game to play and share!

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Chess Challengers (Grades K - 4)

Chess Challengers™ provides opportunity for children to improve their critical thinking and problem solving skills while learning to play chess. Instruction is differentiated and designed to engage children at various skill levels. Children receive support and encouragement to achieve!

A variety of kid-friendly games, challenge sets, and interactive software enhance the after-school experience. Chess Challengers is fun for all!

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Robot Explorers (Grades K - 4)

In Robot Explorers™, learning about robotic technology rises to a new level! Kid-friendly robots are created, tested, and sent on exciting missions! Robots battle, race, and experience a variety of challenges that allow everyone to be engaged at their own level. Children can improve critical thinking and problem solving skills, expand their knowledge of engineering and technology, and add their own creative touch to amazing and fun robots!

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Animated Robotics (Grades K - 4)

Animated Robotics offers children an opportunity to develop fun and interactive robotics projects, using kid-friendly software connected to LEGO® WeDo robot motors, sensors, and a large supply of LEGO bricks!

Regardless of animation or robotics experience, children are provided with instruction and encouragement so that they may create functional and engaging robotic animations.

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Game Makers (Grades K - 8)

In Game Makers™, children create and play their own games! We get them started with board games, card games, puzzles, computer games, and more. Their also develop and take home their own electronic game! Game Makers id the ultimate in creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving just for kids!

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Tech Builders (Grades 3 - 8)

Tech Builders™ provides children with an opportunity to learn about computers and computer technology while getting hands-on experience. Component by component, children build a desktop PC. They learn basic troubleshooting procedures, and configure a variety of free software applications. At the end of the course, the PC is theirs to keep... they learned about and built themselves a brand new PC!

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LEGO and Master Builder Academy are trademarks of the LEGO Group.

Other marks are the property of their respective owners. Reproduction is prohibited.